Information for Presenters

Oral Presentations

1. Oral presentation slots will be strictly limited to 15 minutes. You should aim for a presentation lasting no longer than 12 minutes, leaving 3 minutes for questions and change of speakers.

2. You should approach your Session Chair before your session.

3. It is recommended that you copy your files to the laptop in the presentation room to reduce the transition time between speakers. Please also test any presentation equipment you might need during your presentation.

4. All presentation rooms will be equipped with a laptop, a projector, a microphone and a pointing device. Each laptop will be running Microsoft Windows XP and have Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/2007 and Acrobat Reader 9 software installed. Please ensure that your slides are stored in a format that can be displayed by either software. It is recommended that you carry your presentation slides on a USB flash drive.

Poster Presentations

1. The recommended poster size is 85cm wide and 110cm tall.

2. The poster session is 1 hour long.

3. Please mount your poster 15 minutes before your session. The mounting materials will be provided in the poster sessions.